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The first clue will be released on Tuesday, Sept 6th at 10 am. 

Clues will be released each day at 10 am & 5 pm on this page

Finder of the medallion will receive $200 in local gift cards and lunch at Mallards in Inver Grove Heights with our sponsor

(if a 2022 IGH Days button has been purchased, otherwise $100 in local gift cards will be awarded)


Congratulations to Braxton Randall who found the medallion

with his uncle Brandon Sage and cousin Bo Sage


Clue 1

Finding treasure is quite surreal

We’re back again to add IGH Days zeal

Public property in particular a park

Not far from where you might hear a bark

Explanation: Surreal references Ernst, the founder of surrealism. Bark references the fact that people can be seen walking their dogs around the park regularly.


Clue 2

Put your best foot forward as you forge ahead

Per the rules no damage to put this to bed

Park on the street as two are hot

Ponder this clue as you start your trot

Explanation: Dorchester Cir and 77th Ave. appear as a P in aerial photographs near the hiding spot.


Clue 3

As you drive and rock out to your jam

And our treasure remains on the lam

Look for a thoroughfare oh so busy

And a large structure to make Euclid dizzy

Explanation: Refers to Concord Blvd. and the large power line structure in the park.


Clue 4

Places to play and places to hit

Are near the place where our treasure sits

Look for half of what is normally whole

And not in a way that you’ll win a Bowl

Explanation: Makes reference to the half basketball court in the park.


Clue 5

Inappropriate names in a public domain?

I would certainly think we should have refrained

Are both sides lucky or is it a myth?

You’ll have time to look as you ponder the rift

Explanation: Refers to Dickman Trail and 77th Ave which are near the park.


Clue 6

Look east of where the pin goes in

Let nature tell you just where to begin

Enjoy your walk as you hunt for the treasure

Our clues interwoven just might bring you pleasure

Explanation: A pin that goes in is a dowel. Interwoven refers to the fact that the treasure is in a knit pouch.



At the base of a tree you’ll collect your fee

As you hunt for the treasure for fun

Step up to the plate and don’t be late

And hit a 440 foot homerun

Explanation: States the treasure is hidden at the base of a tree and that it is approximately 440 feet from home plate of the baseball field.


Clue 8

Start at the tower of great power

Make sure you stand on the path

270 paces around is advice sound

To avoid failure’s wrath

Explanation: Provides the location of the treasure.

2022 IGH Days Medallion Hunt Rules


Clues will be released daily at 10AM and 5PM on the IGH Days website.

If the medallion is not found by 6PM on Friday, September 9, 2022, the gift cards will be donated to charity.

Car and Credit Connection of South St. Paul will award the finder(s) $200 in gift cards provided EACH finder has an official 2022 Inver Grove Heights Days button. In addition, the sponsor will also take up to 2 people to lunch at Mallards in Inver Grove Heights. If any of the finder(s) do not have a button, the prize awarded will be $100 in gift cards. 


The medallion will be hidden on public land in the City of Inver Grove Heights. 

The City of Inver Grove Heights, Inver Grove Heights Days and Car and Credit Connection of South St. Paul reserve the right to discontinue the treasure hunt at any time if public property is destroyed or people are hunting on private property.

The medallion will not be on or in a body of water, on top of a building, up a tree, on a steep cliff, underground, indoors, inside anything electrical or something that is locked. Be safe. Search, don't destroy.

Payment of the prize is contingent on the immediate return of the medallion. Please follow the directions that are hidden with the medallion to claim your prize. DO NOT WAIT TO NOTIFY US IF YOU FIND THE MEDALLION.


No digging instruments will be needed to find or to assist in finding the medallion. The hunt may be discontinued if people are found using rakes, shovels, or anything else that may damage city property.


Members of the IGH Days board and their immediate families, along with owners and employees of any company or vendor that does business with Car and Credit Connection of South St. Paul Inc. and their immediate families are not eligible for any prizes. 

Contact to claim the winning prize

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